The Bees.

Zach Arnold

Zach began improvising at the tender age of 15 with a group of other theater students. From his sophomore year until graduation, he and the team competed against other high school improv troupes, consistently placing in the top three during his junior and senior year. After graduating, he was part of the now-defunct Northern Virginia improv troupe The Foggy Bottom Boys. During his time with the Boys, he performed in various locales, including malls, piers, and the ComedySportz DC arena, found in Ballston Commons.

After attending, then leaving Emory and Henry College, Zach took a brief hiatus from improv. He performed with Vpstart Crow, a community theater in Manassas specializing in classic plays. Highlights include Julius Caesar, A Christmas Carol, and The Ghost Sonata.

Zach moved down to the Richmond area in the summer of 2007, and became part of ComedySportz Richmond’s improv team in February of 2008.

In his free time, Zach enjoys playing the guitar, reading, and dreaming of finding fame/fortune with his friends. His favorite food is baked chicken with peaches. He still has his stuffed Littlefoot from “The Land Before Time” he received when he was 4. Yes, he is single.

(Photo: Katie Holcomb)


Born and raised outside of the nation’s capital, Washington D.C., Molly was exposed to a diverse culture full of bustle and excitement. Her array of experiences led her to where she is today, the state capital of Richmond, VA.

Molly Buckley

Molly has been improvising her whole life — living life by the seat of her pants. Formally, Molly has been improvising for two years. Now, she is in a long-term relationship with improvisation. Molly has studied and workshopped the art of sketch and improv comedy with: Ari Voukydis, Betsy Stover, Michael RockKevin Scott, James Bailey, Chris Gethard, Asaf RonenChristine Walters, Barry Hite, and Zach Ward.

Prior to catching the improv bug, Molly did theatre and performed sketch comedy for over 10 years. Her best years of sketch were with a fantastic sketch group in college known as CNU TONiGHT. There, she was able to coin phrases such as, “horse-shoe it up,” “the captain’s only got one ball,” and “never fear Chuck Bauer.”

In addition to all of this, Molly loves Chipotle burritos and Audrey Hepburn.

All for now.

(Photo: Mark Manring.  Other work available at


Stacey Voorhees-Brown

Stacey Voorhees-Brown

Stacey, born Gertrude Whiskashnowzin, was raised in the hills of the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. It was there that she discovered her seemingly natural talent of making others laugh. Lucky, some would think. However, in actuality she had been born with a severe receding hairline and a rare case of elephantitis of the upper lip.

In early November of an undisclosed year, Gertrude’s proverbial *cookie of life* began to crumble. She auditioned for the local production of a family friendly show about the differences of people and the acceptance of them where she was told by the producers that she was, perhaps, too different. Being that she had already been rejected by the traveling carnival and state fair expos she was ready for a change.

Pouring her life savings into reconstructive surgery, a new wardrobe, and a timely move to Richmond, Virginia she began to go by the name Stacey Voorhees-Brown. In late January of 2008 she auditioned for Comedy Sportz RVA and made friends for the first time that found her to be funny, not just funny looking.

Stacey enjoys ice cream, the stylings of Freddy Mercury, and the occasional UFC match.


Ryan is an aspiring comedian because he felt like that was more worthwhile dream than chasing his childhood dream of growing up to become a drop of juice.

Ryan Hansinger

His comedic intelligence is a that of rocket scientist and an awkward turtle.He thoroughly enjoys reading magic eye books and various others from the pop-up genre. He enjoys hot sauce and ladies, but has never combined the two (hmmm…).

If ever caught in a fist fight, but given the option to use a weapon of choice (thus making it a fist+weapon of choice fight) then he would definitely choose a ninja throwing star.

In terms of improv, he has had the pleasure of studying with the likes of Mike Rock, Kevin Scott, Barry Hite, Christine Walters, Katie Holcomb, Thomas George, Jenni Goldsby, Jim Jackman, Asaf Ronen, Will Luera, Jill Bernard, Julie Brister, Brian Finklestein, and Mike Leffingwell. He spent 4 amazing years at Christopher Newport University with the sketch group, CNU TONiGHT, and 2 great years in his hometown performing at the ComedySportz Richmond Theater, and also in the later part of that time, with the Richmond Comedy Coalition. More learning and inspiration to come. Expect this list will grow.


Jenni Goldsby

Jenni Goldsby

Jenni has been improvising since 2001. Commonly called out for being the “blonde”, she honestly doesn’t think that Maine is a European country. Jenni has been told that she resembles an anime character. Also, she is allergic to telekinesis.


Aaron has been improvising for a little over a year now. Before joining the world of crazy, he did sketch comedy with a group called CNU Tonight.

Aaron Grant

A CNU alum, Aaron is an aspiring comedian, actor, and film director.  Inspirations include Robin Williams and Dane Cook. See a show, then you’ll know why.
(Photo: Katie Holcomb)

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1 12 2009

Hilarious and necessary 🙂 Kudos, guys! – David

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