To the guy who tipped me <10% on a bill totalling $2.54

21 07 2009

A quarter.


Look, I understand times are tough.  They’re tough for everybody.  You.  Me.  Clowns.  Ladies of the night.  Everybody.

But a quarter?  Come on, man.

Worst of all, there were two of us working that shift.  What if that had been the only tip we got that night?  How’re we supposed to split that?  Hold a scooping contest, and whoever wins gets the 13 cents?  We are a civilized people, sir.

That said, I hope to see you come back to the store.  I’ve made sure we’ve kept the quarter on hand.  When you come back, we’ll be sure to return it to you.

Because you obviously need that coin more than we do.



Nice guys finish last…or do they?!

16 04 2009

And a fine howdy to all you wonderful people out there in the world.

A few days ago, I was clicking through the Yahoo! homepage.  It’s always a wonderful time, seeing the random links that pop up, begging to be perused.  As my mouse hovered over one link that would direct me to an opinion piece on the fame/overexposure of Miley Cyrus, I caught a glimpse of another article.

This article, articulately titled “Why Nice Guys Finish Last”, sat there, beckoning.  Nay, taunting me.  Having been a nice guy for the majority of my life, indeed I was curious as to why I seem to constantly bring up the rear of whatever metaphorical race I’m running.

So, off I clicked.  The link directed me to a the article, wherein the writer asked the question if I’ve ever suffered from hearing the words, “You’re a really nice guy, but I only like you as a friend”.  Why yes, article writer, I have!  Pray tell, lay out some more wisdom for me!

And she continues!  Oh does she…claiming that nice is equal to boring, predictable, and so forth.  She also says that women are not attracted to this, that they prefer the gentlemen with a wild side, ones that exude testosterone.  The gentlemen that have no trouble ripping open their shirt, hopping on a motorcycle and riding into the sunset, wearing aviator sunglasses* while some pro-masculine song plays in the background, preferably something from the mid-70s. 

The last part is not written in the article, but it is what I inferred.  And after inferring this, I was forced to call shenanigans.

Ladies and gentlemen, yes, it is true.  Being nice is conceived as dull, boring, what have you.  But turn the tables for a second.  Think about a nice guy you’ve met in your lifetime.  Did he make you feel good about yourself?  If you were in a bad mood, did he do what he could to brighten your day?  Odds are if he was a truly nice guy, then yes he did.

The point I make, ladies and gentlemen, is that while several people may believe nice is boring, to the guys labelled as nice, it’s exciting.  Yes, we may not be wild.  We may not be able to woo successfully.  But we’re nice guys because we enjoy being nice guys.

In my opinion, nice is on par with these cocky, swagger-filled men that are walking around.  Granted, nice guys may not get the glory, but what we do get is a smile and a (hopefully) sincere “Thank you” from those we help out.

So, in closing, I’m going to continue rocking  the nice guy label.  It suits me just fine.


*I have nothing against aviator sunglasses whatsoever.  It just seems that the majority of the guys labelled as the bad boys have a pair.  Unfair stereotyping, I know.