In Defense of Lady Gaga

3 07 2009

Good evening all you lovely people.

Those of you who are devoted readers to this site may remember my previous entry titled “An Open Letter to Lady Gaga,” where I made remarks about her videos for “PokerFace” and “Just Dance.”  For those of you who are reading for the first time, I encourage you to take a moment and glance at the entry.

Funny stuff, right?

Well, Ms. Gaga has come forward with two new videos for our viewing pleasure, “LoveGame” and “Paparazzi.”  Being the pop-culture enthusiast I am, I had a glance at them.

And, it’s pretty much what I expected.  Electrode-dancing, impractical eyewear, and Ms. Gaga being groped/photographed/engaging in some R-rated PDA/pushed over the railing of a balcony.

Okay, I didn’t see that last one coming.

Let’s take the “LoveGame” video as an example.  In the beginning, she finds herself surrounded by a group of males while sporting both impractical eyewear and a scepter with a glowing ball attached to the top, which I took to symbolize that disco-stick she loves talking about so much.  She is also decked out in a white outfit.  It’s a shame that there wasn’t enough in the budget to buy her the bottom half of the ensemble.  After the chorus, we find Ms. Gaga moving through a subway train with her merry band of gentlemen, who have taken it upon themselves to cop a feel whenever possible.  Good for them, I guess.  Once again there’s a costume change for Ms. Gaga, and once again she finds herself without pants.  Must be spending all her money on those fancy glasses that do absolutely nothing.

And that’s pretty much the whole video.  Gaga finds herself surrounded by men.  Gaga uses her raw sexual power to work the men into a frenzy.  And they dance.

As for “Paparazzi,” I really have no words whatsoever to describe it.  It is indeed epic.  To whet your interest, there is a scene where Ms. Gaga dances in a wheelchair, and is then given those walking braces used by people with limited use of their legs.  She then proceeds dancing as if she has to rely on those braces.  I suppose there’s a message in there somewhere about people with disabilities being as capable as everyone else.  If that’s the case, then Ms. Gaga should be commended for putting out a very positive vibe that everyone should latch onto.

That, or the director thought it’d look cool.  Yeah, that’s probably more accurate.

After viewing the videos, I browsed through the comments sections.  There were the predictable “I love her!” comments, as well as the equally predictable “She sucks!” comments.  A few people, however, decided to go personal, labeling Ms. Gaga with epithets I refuse to put on here, and found to be in bad taste.

“But Zach,” you may be saying to yourselves, “you seem to be critical of Lady Gaga.  Why are you offended by those people who accuse her of being, in safer terms, ‘a lady of the night’?”

Because it’s one thing to criticize a person’s music/dancing/fashion sense.  It’s another thing entirely to hurl slurs and epithets.

So, Ms. Gaga, if by some odd chance you read this, I can give you my word that while I may mock your clothing, your music, and your videos, know that I will never outright slander you.  I will also defend your honor against those who do.

Now please, put on some pants.



An Open Letter to Lady Gaga.

12 03 2009
2705089743_f011e138051Dear Ms. Gaga,

How’s it going? I’m hoping this letter finds you well. And by well, I mean not face-down on a shag carpet.

You see, Ms. Gaga, I’m writing this letter to you to voice my concern over the lifestyle you seem to be pursuing, as exemplified in the current singles you have out, “Just Dance” and “PokerFace.” Every time I hear one of these songs come on the radio, or see one of the videos played on a supposed music television channel, my heart fills with a slight anxiety over the lifestyle you are promoting. I still sing along and even dance a little, but always slightly anxiously.

Now, it’s very true that I don’t know you at a personal level. However, your recommendation to continue dancing after losing your cell phone and keys is one recommendation that I would be reluctant to take. Also, I would not be questioning how my shirt was turned inside out, but rather when and why my shirt became turned inside out without my knowledge. Not to mention that it’s rather alarming to me if I could not remember the name of the establishment wherein I was just dancing.

Moving on to your second single that is burning up the charts, “PokerFace”. I will admit that as far as the music is concerned, it’s highly enjoyable. I’ve annoyed many a friend with my rendition of you singing “Pa-Pa-Pa-PokerFace-Pa-Pa-PokerFace”, and for that I thank you. My concern, however, is with the music video. In the beginning of the video, you are emerging from a pool wearing a swimsuit and some sort of headwear that appears to be a mix of a bicycle helmet and those small mirrors from disco balls. The swimsuit, of course, is reasonable. The headwear, however, is something I would question. It looks like it would be difficult to keep your head above water while sporting that supposed stylish headgear. Of course I could be jumping to conclusions in that you were swimming. Perhaps you were just wading in the shallow end, as that can be quite fun on occasion. Also, throughout the video, you have a tendency to make the OK symbol with your hand, then place said hand over your face, so your eye is appearing through the loop made by your thumb and index finger. While I can find nothing intrinsically wrong with that, I have to wonder what exactly this gesture has to do with the game of poker. Perhaps it’s your way of informing the dealer that you are checking to the next player. If you can provide any clarification, by all means.

This writing is not an intervention by any means, Ms. Gaga. It’s merely a voicing of my concern over the lifestyle/fashion choices that you appear to be making. Maybe in your next video, you may consider wearing something a little more practical. And maybe attempting to dance, rather than flailing around like electrodes are going off in random parts of your body. Again, just an observation.

Those are the thoughts I’ll leave you with. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to send a letter to Kanye West about his choice of sunglasses, and the lack of UV protection they provide.