Entrance Fail.

25 02 2009

Yep. This happened. Best entrance to a show. EVER. We love you, Jenni.

Ahh NCCAF. The best 5 days in a long time.


NCCAF: Play Hard or Go Home.

20 02 2009


Yeah, we are a SEXY bunch

Yeah, we are a SEXY bunch

Yep. Made of BEES had their first NCCAF appearance last night. And they ROCKED the joint. (*Pictures coming soon). We wanted to take this opportunity to thank the DSI Comedy Theatre, the NC Comedy Arts staff, fans, and everyone who has been supporting this awesomely incredible festival. There are still 9 more shows TONIGHT and 7 more shows TOMORROW! Holy sh*t! That’s a lot of comedy.

So, if you are sad you missed the first 2 nights, don’t fret. Come check out shows tonight and tomorrow. Unless you are reading this on Sunday… or any day after that. Because it will be too late. 

But if you are reading this at a later time and you attended one of those shows, thank you. And man, that bit about the race cars and barbies? — GREAT BIT. Am I right?

I think I just blew my own mind. 

All for now.