History of the BEES.

Made of Bees improv (*may-d*uhv*beez* noun): a group of friends with a passion for bits and making stuff up. It all bee-gan over buffalo wings and bee-r. Ultimately, it pollinated itself into a colony of improvisers guaranteed to make you laugh. There is only one way to describe them, and that is through “B” words. Molly brings the brains. Aaron brings the brawns. Ryan brings the buoyancy. Zach brings the beard. Stacey brings the bliss. Jenni brings the booty. If you’re not a math wiz, that equals sick-wicked-nasty!

Made of Bees. Ridiculous? Maybe. Awesome? Absolutely. Funny? Definitely. Bee bits? Bee-autiful.


One response

1 06 2009
Scott Southee

Always been a fan of Zach Arnold! Talented and funny. I STILL insist he should be doing voice-overs for animated movies though!

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