I Salute You, Chris Dane Owens

5 04 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a pessimistic age we live in.  Everyone expects the worst from everyone else, and most people are all too willing to live up to that expectation.  Sarcasm reigns supreme.  A perpetual bitterness in our mouths for someone who dares to go outside what we consider the realm of good taste.  Our vitriol all too ready to spill over and crush the optimism, the dreams, the effort put forth by a person who merely wanted to express themselves.

Express themselves like this:

The majority of responses to this video have not been kind.  Several label it “the worst music video ever made”.  Others have recorded their responses to the video, and post them on the internet.

I’ll admit, when I first saw this video, I snickered.  What was this guy doing?  Pirate ships, horseback riding, explosions, 2-second sword fights?  It was horrible!  Terrible!  The only logical path was to expose this to all the world to forever be mocked.

Now, a year later, I find myself coming back to this video.  Maybe I’m a little wiser.  Maybe I’m a little more mature.  But now, when I watch this video, I find myself grinning.  Not from the joy of knowing the amount of mockery I can cull from those 4 minutes, but the joy of knowing that this guy went all out in an attempt to make what he felt would be the greatest video ever.

Would I nominate it for anything?  No.  But, I will defend it as a piece of art.  It’s not high art.  I doubt that it would receive airplay on MTV or VH1.  But for the effort, the enthusiasm behind it, I’ll gladly go toe-to-toe with somebody who decries it as shit.

According to his website, this is the first video in a trilogy that Chris Dane Owens is making.

To that, I say bring on the next two, Chris.  You got at least one person waiting for them.





One response

6 04 2010
Greg Smith

if you think this was bad, then you missed out on the early years of MTV ca 1981. OMG

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