It’s Been a Ride…

1 04 2010

Hey everyone, Zach here.  I got a little bit of news.

If you look at the previous post, you’ll see that there’s a video posted called “Footlooser”.  This was a video Aaron and myself did a couple of weeks ago.  If you’re familiar with the 1984 film, you realize that it’s a reenactment of the famous “Warehouse Dance” scene in the movie.  Several who have viewed it have said it was fantastic, really enjoyed my sweet moves, and so on.

There are those, unfortunately, who did not get as much amusement out of it.

It’s crazy, this business we’re in.  Everyone is a great mix of competitive and creative.  They come up with something fantastic, and then do their damnedest to ensure no one will steal and exploit their concept.  Which, if we’re being fair, is what Aaron and I did.

So, with that, it seems that the company that distributed Footloose, Paramount, has decided to place a law suit against myself for the “Intentional Theft of Intellectual Property”.  Apparently they have someone working there whose only job is to make sure that the budding filmmakers out there don’t exploit its ideas without proper compensation.  Basically, the studio’s miffed that we made this spectacular video, and they’re not receiving credit for providing the idea in the first place.

It’s only a civil suit, fortunately.  But still, this means I’m going to be wrangled up in legal red tape for a long time.

This is a long way of saying that I’m going to be forced to bow out of Made of Bees for a while, along with the other comedic ventures I’ve embroiled myself into.

It’s been a great ride the past couple of years, everyone.  I’m going to fight this thing from start to finish.  Maybe I’ll win, maybe I’ll lose.  I mean, what are they gonna take?  My car?  Hell, they can have it.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand.  I’m hoping this won’t take longer than the summer, but who knows.  Maybe they’ll try to make an example out of me, use me as a warning against other performers who desire to emulate Kevin Bacon.  The 21st-century equivalent to a head on a spike.

Stay good, everybody.





One response

1 04 2010
Greg Smith

I thought you guys were a little too close to the original. There are times when your silhouette was just like KB’s. And that part where you swing on the parallel bars was such a direct lift. I’m sorry to hear you’re going down, but you deserve it. You haven’t done an original bit since I met you over 2 years ago. Everything you do is derivative. I hope you land in jail.

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