The True Victim of the Leno/O’Brien Feud.

16 01 2010

As it’s been reported through several news outlets, Jay Leno is moving back to the timeslot of 11:35pm.  This move is due to his current show, creatively titled The Jay Leno Show is doing dismal numbers, reducing the lead-in audience to local affiliates’ news programs, which hurts the advertising revenue.

Conan O’Brien, the redheaded gentleman who took over for Jay Leno in the 11:35pm slot, is extremely agitated and has spent the past week or so throwing epithets out toward the NBC network.

But, people, you’ve heard all of this, from several other media-savvy bloggers who are much more in tune with the late-night world than I am.  Therefore, I’m going to push aside all the main chatter, and focus on one subject that has not received the least amount of attention.

What’s going to happen to Andy Richter?

Think about it, ladies and gentlemen.  The man is basically known as Conan’s right-hand guy!  He was the Ed McMahon to O’Brien’s Carson.  And now that NBC has all but sealed the deal on getting Conan off of NBC, what is Andy going to do?

Star in a TV series?  Doubtful.  With a quick glance at his IMDb page, it’s painfully obvious that he’s unable to carry a show:

  • Andy Richter Controls the Universe: 19 episodes.  Two seasons, although it wasn’t brought back for a third, due to the majority of America becoming convinced they’re more entertained by vapid women with surgically-enhanced bodies vying for the affections of some guy with a bad haircut who pretends to be a millionaire but…surprise!…he’s not*.
  • Andy Barker, P.I.: 4 episodes.  For perspective, the sitcom Teen Angel, a TGIF sitcom concerning a friend whose guardian angel is his friend who just recently died from eating a 6-month old hamburger (Thanks, Wikipedia!) lasted for 17 episodes.

His other credits include a couple of Nickelodeon shows dealing with penguins, another one about some chick named B, and so forth.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you really want Andy Richter to be forced to make his living voicing a species that’ll be wiped out in 5 years due to climate change?  I think not.

So remember, friends.  Once Conan’s off the air, be sure to send Andy a card wishing him the best of luck in his endeavors.  Conan will be fine.  As will Max Weinberg, since he gets to go and drum for Bruce Springsteen.

And Andy will bounce back, as he always does.  Just remember, this late-night war has far more victims than can be imagined.


*I honestly don’t know if Andy Richter Controls the Universe was cancelled to make way for Joe Millionaire.  I just like to bring up that horrible, horrible reality show whenever possible.




One response

25 01 2010

You know, I thought the same thing myself about Andy. Poor guy. I bet it made you chuckle on the last show where they were discussing Andy and where he would go. I cant believe Conan backed out! I was cheering for him man. I loved the final show by the way.

I was Team CoCo All the way…

My favorite part of the final week, was the ridiculous faux expensive skits he was making NBC pay for…. the first 2 I do have to admit, thought that they were real…
when I saw the Picasso – I know I’d been fooled! You?

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