A Brief Guide to Un-friending.

31 12 2009

This is going to be a short and sweet entry, as it’s lunch-time and the stomach’s a-rumbling.

Recently, a friend of mine on Facebook joined the group, “Unfriended…Why?!”.  I’m sure we’ve all looked at our list of friends, noticed that the number is one or two less than the previous day, and wondered where exactly we went wrong.

To perhaps help your wondering, I’ve decided to give a quick list of why I have un-friended people in the past.


  • You friend me, send me a brief message saying “Hey!  How you been?!”, then don’t contact me for the rest of the year.
  • You friend me, only to have access to my information in an attempt to get “closer” to me, either geographically or emotionally.
  • You friend me, and then immediately bombard me with requests to join Mafia Wars, FarmVille, ZooTopia, etc.
  • You friend me, and it becomes apparent you are a habitual group-joiner.  Every time I look at my Live/News Feed, it informs me you’ve joined yet another group.  I know I could simply hide your philandering updates, but I prefer to judge and judge harshly.
  • You friend me, and you’re an ass.
  • You friend me, and  you’re a demon.
  • You friend me, only because you’re part of some crazy virtual scavenger hunt, and need someone who lives in the Richmond region.

Those are a few reasons.  Feel free to add your own, or call me out on one or two of them.





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