The Carb Factory – An Assembly of the Real Reason for Dining Out

10 12 2009

As a highly regarded analyst in this fine country, I have decided to take a look at the restaurants of our nation. In doing this, I have noticed a trend and look to capitalize on my findings. When trying to determine where to dine out, what is the most common deciding factor? The answer: bread.

As a forward thinker, I have been working on a business proposal to bring all the great breads of “Restaurant Nation” under one roof – The Carb Factory. The Carb Factory will feature all of the best of the best in bread. The reason for going to Olive Garden: garlic bread. That’s in. Red Lobster is famous for their Cheddar Bay Biscuits. They’re on the menu. The wheat bread from The Cheesecake Factory… it’s a menu item. You’d like the baguette from Panera? Oh, I believe you mean a #4. KFC’s biscuits, Little Caesars Crazy Bread, BK’s Croissan’wich croissant – all a part of The Carb Factory! We wanted to take it a step further than just bringing all of your favorite breads under one roof. Brought straight from Hooters is, our soon to be famous, Wing Balls! It’s all of that outstanding breading from the world’s best wings, taken off the chicken and rolled into a perfect orb, then dipped in your choice of wing sauce. Bon appetite! To complete the whole meal, make sure you order something to quench your thirst. If you haven’t guessed it yet, the only thing served at The Carb Factory is beer! It’s like delicious bread in a liquid form, so drink up everyone! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to read the stellar reviews Zagat will have for this brand new place of familiar taste!

I know that many Americans go on no carb diets, but when they fall off the wagon (as the great taste of carbs cause many to eventually do) they’ll need a place to go, too. The Carb Factory puts a lot of emphasis on the family and community atmosphere which makes this a great place to go. If you’re going to fall off the wagon, why not fall into the arms of those who love you? Well, they’re all down at The Carb Factory, so come on by! What feels more like a family meal than a bowl of oven-baked White House Rolls with a side of gravy or marinara? If you are one who is very committed to a health-conscious diet and just won’t budge, then you may order off our salad menu which features our variety of crouton bowls accompanied with your favorite dressing. After treating yourself with a healthy choice crouton bowl, you’ll surely feel you’ve earned a chance to indulge in a guilty pleasure, so order some of our Pokey Sticks that come straight from Gumby’s in Blacksburg! These things are so good that they could break up a marriage! Luckily, you won’t have to put your relationship on the line because The Carb Factory is an outstanding date destination, so there’s no need to cancel a date to eat them. Make a reservation instead!

I hope you all have the chance to drop in and partake in my vision. I’m just a simple man with a goal to create a menu that offers you all the very best. Believe me, there’s something in here for everyone to enjoy, so next time you have to think about where to dine out next, I think you’ll find the choice is clear. The Carb Factory – Wheat love to see you!





One response

14 12 2009

Haha I ❤ bread! I would so be a frequenter of The Carb Factory. Might even put the magnet on my fridge and the phone number on speed dial.

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