Buddy System in Business

4 12 2009

As we continue to sit in a recession, I feel like it’s only be best for the nation if people and businesses alike came together to combine efforts that would both save money and increase sales. Don’t worry, America, I’ve got the ball rolling with a few ideas. Check it out – businesses love advertising, right? Of course they do! It’s a necessity. I’ve taken that simple concept and improved upon it by coming up with the great idea of producing combo-commercials. Sit back and imagine with me.

Two guys in their mid to late 20’s are scoping out their local neighborhood type bar. Guy 1 decides that he’s going to make a move on an attractive girl who is alone at the bar, but first, Guy 2 is a good friend and hooks him up with a piece of Winterfresh. Guy 1 starts to chew. Snow begins to fall. The entire bar freezes over. Then, Guy 1 says to Girl 1 in a breathy way which is visible to all because of the chill, “Can I buy you a drink?” She responds, “Absolutely.” At that moment, the Coors Light train drives through the back side of the bar and drops off two perfectly filled pints to the soon-to-be couple. Even Cooler. Even Better! Tap the Rockies.




Boom! That’s a wrap! One set of actors, only make snow and freeze an entire bar once, and only one set of Rocky Mountains. Are we cutting costs or what?! And what goes better together? Nothing. Gum is always a good idea when talking to real, live people, but it’s also the perfect compliment to drinking beer and taking care of that stale breath. This is only one great example of the combo-commercial. I would provide a ton of others… if I had them. For now, one example is good. I can’t do all the work, America. Let’s bring back the buddy system and see what develops. That third grade concept may just be the saving grace in these troubling times.





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