No More Hiding

20 11 2009

As many of our Made of Bees followers may know, I moved to Los Angeles and have been living here for several months now. What you might not know is that I may have been doing this somewhat illegally. See, upon entering the state for residence, you are required to register your car with the DMV which everyone knows is inconvenient, a hassel, and often results in paying them money – none of which I was in a rush to do. Instead, I chose to live my life on the road much like a weed-dealer who had to walk past a police station to get to the high school. I found alternate routes, low-budget disguises, and other ways to lay low, but still always a bit on edge when I took [my car] to the streets. I managed to do this pretty well though. I took the back roads to work and the grocery store (not the same place, but I may need a second job one day, so stay tuned), I opted for the windy canyon road to Hollywood rather than the 101-freeway, and sometimes when I couldn’t avoid the main roads, I would simply leave the car cover on tUnder Covero travel. I was practically invisible in this town! You can never be too careful though. I was always ready with a good excuse when I got behind the wheel. On the chance that an officer decided to pull me simply because of my out-of-state licence plates, my go to line was “SIR, I’M JUST VISITING!” (volume = confidence, confidence = trust). The more times that I traveled, the more worried I became, and the less I believed my own lie. “Surely they’ve recognized this car by now”, I thought. I considered the disguise approach to continue avoiding a trip to the DMV. I went straight to Google in search of an ice cream paint job. I hear good things about them. I also hear it’s a bit pricey, so I passed. I kept on with what had become my normal routine in California,  “$h!t! There is a solid 1-in-7 chance this car behind me is a cop. Surely I need to make an immediate stop in at this Check ‘n Go!”

They say stress can kill a man, or at least make a face break out, neither of which is good. Lucky for me, neither really happened, but, as I lay in bed thinking about it, I did feel a huge weight bearing down on me. I pushed her off, sent her home, and showered in regret. Then thought more about the increasing risk I was putting myself in with each day that I drove unregistered in the state of California. Was this really worth all the worry? Should I just go to the DMV and face the music. The music which is probably most comparable to a 2-hour loop of Shakira’s howling in “She Wolf” (ah-oooo). God help me. Let’s do this.

I am proud to say that today I have cleaned up my act and I’m not looking back. I admitted my problem and confronted it. Let me tell you, I have never felt better. A weight has been lifted. It’s a nerve-wrecking life to go out in the world without the proper documentation and always have to wonder when you will be sent out of this beautiful country… or just forced to pay a traffic fine. It’s possible that I had my SSN stolen and reused by another during that DMV trip, but hey, let’s just think of it as me giving back in some roundabout way. Today’s bottom line: the bills are paid, my mind is free, and now I can live life to be all I can be.





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