Obama challenges kids to take responsibility, causes riot.

8 09 2009

Disassociated Press


Zach Arnold

Earlier today, President Barack Obama presented a speech that was available to every school in the country.  Already rocked by scandal, Obama maintained his aggressive stature, speaking volumes of propaganda, most of it containing the message to students to fulfill their responsibilities.

After hearing this message, several students decided to take this propagandist rumbling to heart.  Many of them were later seen at the library; some could be found walking through the rows of books, opening their minds to subjects that they previously dismissed as unworthy of their time.  Others were on the library’s computers, visiting such websites as the official one for the White House, some even going so far as to visit the official site for their state.

“I honestly had no idea that Obama used to be a junior Senator for Illinois,” Tom Popiate, a senior at Yancy High School in Turpin, Alabama said, “Seriously, the only Senate I’ve ever really known about was the Galactic Senate in the Star Wars movies.”

Several of the opponents to Obama’s speech went on the offensive afterward, incensed at their children taking an initiative to improve their lives.

“I’m physically ill that my daughter is now looking into colleges,” Franklin Johansonsmith of Ering, Michigan ranted, “For the past 16 years, all that me and her mother have told her is that a woman’s place is at home, taking care of the two children she’s supposed to have, and now here we have No-bama telling her she should challenge herself?  She doesn’t need that stress!”

Many of the opponents to the President’s speech have come together in hopes of creating a counter-presentation, due to be presented in the following two weeks.

“I was telling my daughter about the plan for our speech,” Johansonsmith says, his hand running nervously through his hair, “And she replies with, ‘Oh, just like the minority leader in the Congress makes the address after the State of the Union.’ Hearing her say that made me shudder.”

Would the students be as willing to listen to a counter-argument in which they are encouraged to continue being apathetic?  “Sure, I’d listen,” Popiate says, “But I don’t think I’d go back to the way I was.  You hear about this whole ‘Electoral College’ thing?  Crazy.”





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