Barney Frank: Only cool guy with a lisp!

20 08 2009

Please take a second to watch a clip from a townhall meeting where Barney Frank (Mass. Democratic representative) was discussing the democrat’s plan for health care:

Oh snap extreme right wing nut job, in yo face! No one has used the comeback “What planet are you from” since the first season of Saved By the Bell. Sure it wasn’t very original but chances are she never watched Saved By the Bell because she thought the close nit friends of Bayside High were to similar to Communist Russia. You can tell by the look on her face that the insult really cut deep. At this point in the comeback she is really thinking, “Man it was dumb to put a Hitler stash on Obama, now people think I’m an alien!”

The final blow of the 1-2 combo comes with this statement, “Arguing with you would be like arguing with a dining room table, I have no interest in doing it.” If this was a free style battle, this is where Barney would drop the mic right in front of her face. At this point Miss Coo Coo for conservative puffs has dropped a load in her Bill O’ Reilly under-roos.

Reasons why this chick is two full raisin scoops behind:

1.) She thinks Obama is Hitler. Ummm Hello everyone knows that Obama can’t grow a mustache!

2.) She sees health care reform in America as a Nazi policy. You know, your actually right on this one. The Nazis definitely were concerned about the health and well being of its people. Wait…….What??……they killed 6 million Jews……uhhhhhhhh………..moving on!

3). This lady is making conservatives who actually have an honest fear about our government look horrible. A lot of people have legitimate arguments against the policies of President Obama, but they are over shadowed by morans who are too concerned with “making a point”, than actually thinking about what they are saying.

Why Barney Frank kicks ass!!

1.) Only dude with a lisp I actually enjoy listening to. If God has a lisp then he will sound just like Barney Frank. I would love to see him speak……just not from the front row.

2) The only other Barney I have ever heard of, is the big purple one. You automatically have to be a bad ass if your a homosexual with the name Barney. If I saw Barney Frank in the street I would curl into a little ball and suck my thumb!

3) Barney realizes that because our great country allows freedom of speech you will get people like this. People who just want to use their freedom to use it, instead of using it with a purpose. Instead of getting worked up over such a ridiculous accusation, Barney simply shakes his head and points out to the lady that she is going to get no where.

Side note for impressive mustache photoshoper

Thank you for expressing your beliefs in such an open public forum. Not many people are brave enough to step up and say what they really feel, i commend you for that. We have freedom of speech for a reason, so please use it as much as humanly possible. But always remember one thing, You look dumb as shit!





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