To the guy who tipped me <10% on a bill totalling $2.54

21 07 2009

A quarter.


Look, I understand times are tough.  They’re tough for everybody.  You.  Me.  Clowns.  Ladies of the night.  Everybody.

But a quarter?  Come on, man.

Worst of all, there were two of us working that shift.  What if that had been the only tip we got that night?  How’re we supposed to split that?  Hold a scooping contest, and whoever wins gets the 13 cents?  We are a civilized people, sir.

That said, I hope to see you come back to the store.  I’ve made sure we’ve kept the quarter on hand.  When you come back, we’ll be sure to return it to you.

Because you obviously need that coin more than we do.





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