Can you hear me now?

20 04 2009

Notice how he is outdoors while making his call.
Notice how he is outdoors while making his call.

Ladies and gentlemen, I come to with a perplexing question:  When did it become acceptable to use your cell phone/mobile device while in the midst of doing your business in a restroom?

This past weekend I found myself walking in on not one, not two, but three people paying no heed whatsoever to the idea society dictates, wherein while indisposed, you do not need to carry on a conversation.

I find it awkward enough when random men attempt an idle chat with me in those porcelain-filled rooms, but to listen to them talk to whoever is on the end of that line while they are…liberating themselves is downright weird.

Speaking of the person on the other end of the line, how would they feel about their friend/relative/booty call discussing past, present and future events while seeing a man about a horse simultaneously?  I, for one, would be confused.  Confused as to why this person, talking to me in those echo-ey rooms, couldn’t either call me after or inform me that they would call me back in a few minutes.  I wouldn’t be repulsed, just…confused.

So, in the future, ladies and gentlemen, if you are in the midst of liberating yourself within the confines of a restroom, and your phone begins to ring.  Do everyone a favor and either silence the ring or let it play out.  I assure you that you can call the person back, or they will call again.  Have faith.





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