Lions and Tigers and Change oh my!

13 03 2009

Why do people find it necessary to fight change? If there is anything you can be certain of in life, is that it will inevitably change in some way. With this fact in mind, why is it so hard for people to embrace the idea? I find it entertaining to see the mini freak outs that occur in individual lives on a day to day basis.

Example one: The “Facebook Fiasco”. If Facebook decides to change in the most insignificant way, the borders on pictures have changed or you now have to click an extra link to get to you bumper stickers page, people will flip the fuck out. From status reactions you would assume that Anderson Cooper had just announced the second coming of Jesus in which he confirmed that Scientology is in fact correct. Is change so difficult to deal with that it causes us to start collecting caned goods for the fallout?

Example Two: Weather Wing nuts. We live on a planet that is scientifically in a constant state of change. We used to have pangea and now we have four different oceans with seven different continents. We used to have giant ice caps and glaciers, now we have puddles. The earth is always changing, that’s just what it does. So why do people freak out when the weather is not same from day to day? If there is snow and sunshine in the same weak, no church will have an empty pew. Man, woman, and child will be on their hands and knees praying for a safe transition during Armageddon. No need to worry ladies and gentlemen, that’s what the weather does, it changes. Something as simple as a change in temperature also seems to freak people out, hmmm.


So why is it that humans are naturally afraid of change? It is rather simple actually, as a species we are control freaks. We want to be able to manipulate and drive every aspect of our lives. It is just a safer approach to life. If we control it all then we never have to worry about the unexpected. The unexpected can bring danger and pain. But as we sit back in our “Man in the Bubble”, John Travolta, replica domes the world is going to change without us. Just think about all the really cool shit we are to miss out on. Who knows maybe taking a leap of faith and not being afraid of change might actually lead to living.

-Aaron G.




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