13 03 2009

With a lot of recent talk about all this new stuff that we have these days, I found myself thinking back to the days of old. Does anyone remember those personalized name decals that people would put on their cars? Man, those were great, huh? Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than having your name on the passenger side of someone’s car. Yup, I did that. That was love. Oh, and I didn’t cut corners by just putting the initials. Ryan on the driver side gf’s name on the passenger. I was telling the world who rode as my co-pilot. Don’t bother calling shotgun, this seat’s taken.

I still see these from time to time, but more frequently now I am seeing the family decal with names all written out.family-window-decal1 This is yet another way for a proud mom of many to put her kids in the public eye. I can safely say my mom isn’t rockin’ one of these on the back of her car. I will admit that we had something similar when I was growing up. We had a picture that hung framed in our downstairs bathroom with stick-figure like cartoon representations of each of the 6 members in my family hanging out in the family bathtub? That’s not weird right? Come to think of it, I don’t know if that’s really better or worse in comparison… Actually, I will give the edge to the window decal on this one, but only because it has the ability to be updated. With the divorce rate up around 50%, it’s got to be nice to be able to scrape out the spouse that stepped out of line. Or, or what if Roxy over there came along for the ride but discovered 3 blocks in that she has typhoid fever. Time for an update! You’ve gotta love self-expression! Everyone wants it in one way or another, and if it’s love you want to share – show it with a decal.





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