A love note to a sneeze

12 03 2009

I woke up this morning to the obvious. To a truth that was all too apparent. You were going to leave me again. I kept asking myself why as I held my head under the heavy beads of my morning shower. There was no answer. No reason why you would possibly want to leave. I thought you were happy! I thought that we shared an understanding. Apparently what we had was a tease; a cruel joke that promised happiness and relief. It had all built up to this one life changing moment, a moment that we should have inevitably shared together. But I was robbed; everything that I had been waiting for taken away from me in an instant.




You are so selfish! You come and go as you please without any regard for my feelings. I wish you would have stayed and finished what you started. Please come back to me! I am sorry if I did anything that offended you. I would give up everything for just one more second with you. I need you more than you know! You promised me relief you can not just walk out on me now! Please come back! I need you to come back so I stop huffing and wheezing with anticipation. I guess what I am trying to say is that without you I can’t breath. You are everything at this juncture in my life. I am nothing but a drooling, nasally fool without you. Just do it already! What are you waiting for! Look, I am sorry I yelled but everything was going perfectly. We had that moment yesterday at the park after smelling the rose garden, remember? Or what about that time we made tortellini with extra pepper? You love extra pepper. I guess I just don’t understand what happened. I mean was it me? Did I do something? Maybe I wasn’t giving you enough space. Was it because I have been experimenting with over the counter drugs? I will stop immediately; they mean nothing to me, nothing! It’s just that I love it so much when you’re around. I always feel instantly better. I get that warm fuzzy feeling in my chest like butterflies at a potted plant convention. Just give me one more chance and I promise you can come and go whenever you please. I won’t try and stop you anymore. I just need you in my life right now. Look, just come over tonight and let’s see what happens. I will light some incense, prepare a nice strong bag of potpourri, and we can finish what we started. I love you, please come back.


Love Always,








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