Ah, Innuendo and Genius Marketing.

19 01 2009

Now, I don’t want to be known as the girl who just discusses innovative infomercial products or plays the role of Captain Obvious. BUT, I couldn’t pass this one up. Passing this one up would be like passing up a free Chipotle burrito, and Lord knows I would NEVER do that. 

You may have seen this infomercial before. Apparently it’s a pretty well known product. However, I just got wind of it. It was even featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Wait a tick, so was the Cheers to YOU! CD… hm, I’m sensing a theme. Anyway, enough rif raf. Here it is:

The Hawaii Chair. You’ve guessed it, a chair that works your abs while you’re doing other things. Practical? No. Incredibly hilarious? Yes.

I really wanted to add some of my own commentary on this innovative product. But frankly, this one speaks for itself. Anything I could possibly think of to say is inevitably trumped by the image of corporate America swiveling rapidly while filing paperwork or discussing TPS reports via conference call. Am I right?

Ah, oh well. All for now.




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