A Real Audio Pick-Me Up!

16 01 2009

You know it’s 2009, and lately I’ve been feeling down. Maybe it’s seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Maybe it’s the crumbling economy. Maybe it’s the fear of the future of my 401K. Maybe it’s the fear of the unknown. Heck, maybe it’s the fact that I’ve eaten peanut butter and jelly everyday for the last month. Well, regardless of the source of my sadness, I’ve been on the search, nay, the HUNT for a solution to my problems. 

I have made lists, set goals, invested in my personal fulfillment, ate a lot of burritos, but nothing has really seemed to work. I still find it hard to get up in the morning, even dreading the 17-minute drive to work.

Well, I think a positive change of course is FINALLY in the cards for me! Because I spent $24.95 on THIS:

That’s right! It’s the CHEERS TO YOU CD. A fantastic audio tape full of applause, cheers, and encouraging statements. Phrases such as, “YOU CAN DO IT!” “The finish line is closer than you think!” and of course, “HOORAY for YOU!” That’s enough audible encouragement to make ANYONE feel better about themselves

Im awesome. Look, even my jewelry says so.

I'm awesome. Look, even my jewelry says so!

I was skeptical at first, truly. I thought to myself, “There’s no way this could work. Things are just too tough right now.” BUT then I found out about the Puzzle Shaped Affirmative Tokens. With the purchase of my Cheers to You! audio CD, I got THREE FREE tokens inscribed with positive statements. I mean, they’re even called “AFFIRMATIVE” tokens. You can’t get anymore definitive and encouraging than that.

I think I might even get a Cheers to You! CD for all the people in my life.


I always knew I was the missing piece to the world-puzzle

All for now.




2 responses

18 01 2009

I love that the acronym for Seasonal Affective Disorder is SAD. I love it. It works for me.

6 02 2009
Mark Koolers

I think I’ve seen this piece “pieces” before. great look though!

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